Funeral package

Communicating with funeral directors to schedule services
Booking Venues and arranging catering for reception
Assisting in sourcing and selecting floral arrangements, caskets, urns etc. (if required)
Sourcing, setting up and running equipment required to display commemorative slideshows, music, etc. (if required)
Planning the agenda for the service and/or reception
Setting and sticking to a budget for the service and reception
Hiring speechwriters to assist families in writing eulogies (if required)
Hiring writers to assist families in writing obituaries (if required)
Coordinating the publication of obituaries online or in local papers (if required)
Informing extended family and friends of the funeral arrangements (if required)
Arranging hotel room blocks for out of town guests (if required)
Arranging funeral transportation
Arranging transportation for out of town guests (if required)
Acquiring picture frames and preparing to display photos of the deceased at the service and/or reception
Assisting the family in completing and distributing any necessary paperwork related to the death
Arranging for and overseeing the collection of the deceased’s possessions from a hospital, hospice, retirement home, nursing home, etc. (if required)
Arranging for the return of medical equipment (if required)
Providing recommendations and referrals to grief counsellors for clients (if requested)